AllegroItalia Terme Salus

In the Bullicame Area”, 1.5 kilometers far from Viterbo’s old town center, there’s a lovely place, AllegroItalia Terme Salus.

Here, everything is about the magical thermal waters flowing spontaneously from underground. This magic makes this place perfect for your well-being and relaxation.

The San Valentino Hot Spring gives origin to the Etruscan thermal path, a succession of stages which gives new energy to the body and peace to the mind. The Pools, the Etruscan cave and the Relaxation areas are designed to give you new unforgettable emotions. Our Thermal Experience will amaze your senses and your desire to come back “on land” will vanish away as soon as you immerse yourself into the warm and regenerative waters. The sense of wellness is so that complete, we have to ask you not to stay too long in the waters, we wouldn’t like to see fins sprout out of your body!

Along with a unique Spa Centre, we wanted to create a really unique hotel.

Terme Salus Hotel, 93 rooms decorated with artistic elements and equipped with everything you’ll need for a truly unforgettable stay.

We also feature High Speed WiFi, so the Social addicted will be able to shoot wonderful selfies and share them right away; however, make sure your smartphone is waterproof … it is a SPA so it is surrounded by water.

Your stay wouldn’t be complete without a yummy and healthy gastronomic proposal.

‘Le Colonne’, Terme Salus’ restaurant, has wonderful mix of regional flavors, fragrances and colors. Local ingredients are skillfully combined to create unique dishes; the unique savor will delight your palate and the healthiness of our recipes won’t make you feel guilty!

AllegroItalia Terme Salus, where comfort meets elegance & authenticity!

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